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Does stress have a

Are you feeling any of these effects?

1. Sleep problems, Muscle tension or pain
2. Anxiety, Irritability, Fatigue and a feeling of being Overwhelmed
3. Overeating, Depression and a Lack of Focus
4. Lowered sex drive

In today's loud, fast paced world, stress has become one of the greatest threats to our health. So much that The World Health Organization has referred to stress as the health epidemic of the 21st century.

Unmanaged stress can wreak havoc in every facet of our lives - physically and psychologically. As a result, many people and families are making it a priority to slow down and focus on their health and wellness. And a big part of that is managing stress.

There are over 10,000,000 monthly searches for 'stress' related topics. People everywhere want to overcome the damaging effects of stress on their health.


An excess of stress can be toxic to your health, disrupting your sleep, cognition, emotional well-being, and metabolism. Stress also lies at the root of every inflammatory disease. Ongoing toxic stress affects you at the cellular level, reducing the efficiency and vitality of not only the cell itself,
but also of whatever organ that cell is in.

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Leading a Stress-Free & Happy Life is


Stress robs us of our ability to be fully present with what matters most in our lives. When you relieve the physiological effects of stress, you experience better quality sleep, more energy, greater cognitive awareness, and a healthier outlook.

The Benefits of SOULERA®


Soulera also supports:

  • Healthy adrenal function
  • Modulation of the body's output of cortisol
  • Enhanced resistance to the detrimental effects of free radical cell damage
  • Improved mood and psychological coping capabilities
  • Enhanced coping with the effects of stress
  • Improved sense of overall well-being
  • Enhanced immune system activity


Soulera® is a unique and proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs that can deliver significant and broad-based health benefits. Soulera® works quickly at the cellular level to protect, revitalize and balance the body according to your personal chemistry.


Wildcrafted Herbs


Soulera's herbal ingredients are sourced from pristine forests in East Asia

Eleutherococcus senticosus


Japanese Aralia

Viburnum opulus

Rhaponticum carthamoides

Rhodiola rosea

Sorbus aucuparia

Inonotus obliquus (Chaga)

Schisandra chinensis

Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (Chinese Licorice)

We trust the information you have reviewed here has made you realize, in case you hadn't already, just how dangerous chronic stress is to your health and well-being. You can now take steps to minimize the terrible impact of stress on your life. Soulera offers you relief. And don't forget our "It Works or It's Free" money back guarantee.

Be kind to yourself and start the journey of reinventing your future healthy self by starting Soulera today.

The path awaits, your journey starts now.

Soulera Plus - Music to the Body

A veritable symphony of plant derived molecules including carefully selected sources of full spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol and herb derived antioxidants and adaptogens. Soulera Plus is without equal in the marketplace.

The combination of CBD wth Adaptogens amplify’s the bioavailability and bioefficacy of this powerful elixir called Soulera®. For consumers, the result is the most expertly designed and effective CBD product available.

Currently available in the USA only.


Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.

Adaptogens combined with high potency CBD are the new paradigm of advanced food based nutraceuticals. NuYugen pioneers the way with Soulera

Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC

It is rare to find a product that is simultaneously so safe, effective, and broad-reaching in its impact. Soulera is one of the few herbal products I feel comfortable recommending people take on a long-term basis.

Dr. Michael Fleischer

I have been a chiropractic physician and a whole food nutritionist for almost 38 years. I have fallen in love with Adaptogens, and the Nuyugen Soulera product. Eternally grateful!

Thaea Harrison, RN, Wellness Practitioner

I trust and endorse Soulera, as a core product to be taken daily for optimal health. The evidence from the research is clear.

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